Venus is a little cup of dirty-white stoneware that began shapeless, like unmixed clay. It was moulded, sponged and baked for many hours. Then it was glazed and put in the oven, where it was baked for a few more hours.
When I peeked in, I saw her naked, shy and oh so beautiful; it was like a painting.
It was 40 minutes in the hands of those who were shaping it.

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All the pieces were built by hand and without moulds, slowly and one at a time. It is natural that they have differences between them. Some slightly higher, some slightly wider. It's like that in the feminine universe and it's like that in Venus. No two are alike.

These glasses can be made to order, for more information upon request. The process can take between 7-22 working days, until the pieces are shipped.



Ø7,5cm x h 9,5cm



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