Rush Marrow Basket

Unique handmade pieces by Cristina Fonseca is a self-taught basket weaver who has been working with various natural fibre materials since 1984. Passionate about plants from an early age, she started learning basketry techniques through books and observations of other basketmakers. In the beginning, she was mainly focused on making lampshades.

Then, in 2013, she started working with a variety of other types of basketry, creating her own contemporary pieces with new traditional techniques. Some of the raw material she harvests and some she buys.

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Handmade pieces, so each product is unique and may differ from one another. Any small differences or imperfections must be considered as evidence of the exclusivity of the product. The images may differ from the real product.

Available in different dimensions: 140 x 110 mm \ 370 x 250 mm \ 450 x 300 mm \ 550 x 400 mm



140 x 110 mm, 370 x 250 mm, 450 x 300 mm, 550 x 400 mm



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