Architecture and Interior Design

Our office and concept store offers a service of architectural and interior design.

From the design of implementation and layout of spaces, lighting project to the choice of materials and textures, nothing in our projects is left to chance.

This service includes the different phases of a project: preliminary study; presentation; project development; installation and constraction management.

[Price: Under Consultation]

Consulting and Decoration

The consultancy and decoration service n' A.CAL, has three levels:

  1. BASIC - includes in-store advice meeting for setting the environment. Moodboard design and inspiration images. [250 +iva]
  2. PROFESSIONAL - includes in-store consulting meeting for environment definition. Moodboard design and inspiration images. Definition of furniture and lighting after visiting the space. Interior design and plant delivery. [1.500 - 2.500 +iva]
  3. PREMIUM - includes in-store consulting meeting to define environment to be followed. Moodboard design and inspiration images. Definition of furniture and lighting after visiting the space. Delivery of interior design floorplan and 3D images. Accompaniment of the work. [2.500 - 5.500 +iva]

Furniture Development

A.CAL develops and design pieces and furniture to the clients' needs. Simplicity, minimalism, timeless design and the use of natural materials, define our products.

[Price: Under Consultation]

Design and Handcraft

A.CAL's offer includes a collection of pieces from partner brands, artisans and artists who expand the options available with their unique and distinctive pieces.

About 90% of our partners come from Portuguese territory.

[Prices: consult our online store]

Landscape Architecture

We are motivated by passion in the combination of art, design and nature. In this sense we execute landscape architecture projects.
Whether private or public gardens, patios or balconies, vertical gardens or tourist developments, we like any challenge!
In our design we seek the balance between man and nature, interior and exterior.

[Price: Under Consultation]

Professional Organization

In A.CAL's services we integrate several disciplines so that the space reflects the personality and expectations of the client.

Thus consulting in the organization and tidiness of the home or office is also included.

We help our clients to be organized in their home or office environment.

We use technical knowledge and organizational methods that allow better use of spaces, with appropriate products and always adapted to the needs of each client.

[Price: 350 - 650]

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