A.CAL Workshop

A.CAL* was born in 2017 and is located in House of Torrinhaa former 14th century manor house in the centre of Beja, Portugal. After the recovery of its old cellars, a unique space emerges, a true balance between past and future.

We have a special care for what is made in Portugal, for what is handmade and unique. In our work, both in terms of artistic curation and interior design projects, we seek a balance between industrial design brands and local artisans and artists.

Providing a positive experience of synergy and engagement for all clients, architects, designers, artisans and partners is our goal.

At the basis of our work is architecture as a form of expression of society, but also of our lives.

Since we are in the interior of the Alentejo in Portugal, we couldn't help but believe in the meaning of the word "slowly". We believe that Slow Living is both a lifestyle and an achievable philosophy of production and consumption. A life of meaning, purpose and balance.

Balance, between the past and the future. Between the urban and the rural. Between tradition and innovation.


Come and meet us!


*CAL as a material is originally used in civil construction, on painting processes, but is firstly known by us in the tradition of the "caiar" (whitewash) the houses in Alentejo.

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